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Building An Azure Application From The Ground Up

I have decided to start a multi-part blog/screencast series on developing an Azure application from the ground up.  There are 2 approaches one can take here: 1) Write the completed application first and then break it down into consumable pieces, with each piece becoming a blog post and/or screencast or 2) Write the application as you go along.  I am going to use a hybrid approach.  I have started an application, but will be adding and changing pieces as I move along.  Part of my reasoning is that, at the time of writing this post, not all of the Azure services are available, the most interesting of which is the new implementation of SDS (See Nigel Ellis’ MIX Session for more information).




Blog Posts


The Sample Application

The sample application is relatively straight forward (at least to begin with).  It is re-using the same UI I used for a series I did on REST in WCF.  I will be building a shopping cart application.  The goal of this application is to illustrate various features of Windows Azure and in coming weeks, portions of .NET Services.  The first few posts will concentrate on Windows Azure, our Cloud Operating System.  I will illustrate things like the developer fabric, hosting various pieces of an application in the cloud (web pages, services, Silverlight components), as well as working with Azure Table Storage.  From there, we will keep going, adding and updating pieces of the application.



I look forward to your feedback, so please leave a comment!

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Demystifying The Code