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My Experience with EventDay

As many of you know, I am hosting a developer event in March.  After I agreed to host the event came the scramble.  I needed to find a venue and build a website to promote it and handle registration.  After a few disappointments, I was able to secure the Pointe Hilton at Squaw Peak as my venue.  Now on to the registration site.

Initial Experience

As any developer would do, before building anything I looked to see what others were using.  Everyone I spoke with pointed me to EventDay (, a SAAS offering from Scott Cate.  So, I gave Scott a call to talk EventDay.  Scott relayed to me that for small events like mine, EventDay is free.  He further told me to just sign up and create my event.  I could call him if I had any questions.

I normally find most web sites frustrating and confusing, especially ones where I have to enter a load of information.  They are rarely focused on usability.  As such, I assumed that I would be on the phone with Scott within 10 minutes, asking for some kind of clarification.  Just the opposite was true.  After about 10 minutes, I had completed the creation of my event and the registration site was up and running (see below).



EventDay gave me every feature I needed:

  • Event Description and other Metadata like location, time, etc.
  • Tickets – allowing users to register and print tickets with QR codes
  • Speakers – capturing speaker bios, photos, etc.
  • Sessions – defining sessions
  • Scheduling – a simple and user-friendly screen to create the schedule
  • Email and Email templates – Pre-defined, yet editable Email templates for reminders and confirmation, as well as automatically sending confirmations


Large Events

There were a ton of features of EventDay I did not use, due to the size and scope of my event.  There are things like printer integration, evaluations and a host of subfeatures for speakers, sessions, etc.  The software allows you to use what you need, while offering features required for huge events.  It appears to me that EventDay was designed for folks managing huge events, but due to the design, is equally great for guys like me hosting one-off events.


I had a great experience with EventDay and would highly recommend it to anyone hosting an event of any size.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Demystifying The Code