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REST in WCF Blog Series Index

As some of you know, I am in the midst of a blog series on REST in WCF.  Further, I have been hard at work on a series of screencasts on the same subject (in conjunction with Ron Jacobs).  My colleague Tim Heuer relayed to me that I didn’t have a single post that we can point a person to that provides links to all of the posts and screencasts.  I will keep this post updated with all of the info:

Blog Series:

Screencast Series:





5 Responses to “REST in WCF Blog Series Index”
  1. gblock says:

    Nice series Rob, where’s the 4.0 updates? :-)

  2. admin says:

    Hey Glen,
    I will be working on that soon. I am planning on doing a training series on WCF REST.


  3. Shai says:

    1. You starter code is not accessibly (keep asking to login).
    2. Any news about 4.0 / vs2010 materials ?

  4. admin says:

    You have to register in order to get the code.
    Regarding 4.0 materials: I am no longer with Microsoft. I have started a training company: I will likely be creating a training series on WCF and WCF REST in the future. We just released a great series on Entity Framework 4, if you are interested.



  5. Fernando says:

    Definitely the best rest with WCF blog series I’ve ever read! Simply fantastic!

    I have a question where you can guide me… I want know to only support rest calls from javascript only not letting another applications to consume the services… is there any easy way to restrict it?

    Thanks a lot and very pleased with your fantastic posts!


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